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Casino Geld YouTube was supposed to be posted back on April 16, but it got lost in the shuffle. He discusses how prison is a ubiquitous experience in certain parts of America. This article from NBC news reports that even casual use of marijuana causes brain damage.

Casino Geld YouTube news is more grim for heavy users those that use 3x a week or more. In the spring of43, people including 17, veterans marched on Washington DC to demand WWI bonus money that had not been paid out. It was known as the Bonus March. Most of the veterans had been out of work for read more long time and were really struggling during 888 Casino von Rubel first few years of the Great Depression.

A smaller group marched on Washington the next year and FDR avoided the mistake of his predecessor, sending his wife to talk to them instead of using armed force.

It would be neither the first nor the last time that America had not honored its debt to her veterans. As America celebrates Memorial Day with baseball, barbeque and the beach, the Veterans Administration has been in the news because its delays, inefficiency, incompetence and corruption has caused the deaths of many veterans.

This is just the latest tragedy that has befallen our Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and Airmen. As time passed Casino Geld YouTube more and more sailors got sick, the evidence became overwhelming that they got sick from radiation exposure. They were eventually compensatedbut it was much too late and not nearly adequate. Earlier this year. District Judge Claudia Wilken ruled the Army must notify veterans of possible health concerns related to the experiments.

This request was denied after Wilken ruled the cost borne by the Army paled in comparison to the health of veterans. This selection from Wikipedia sums it up nicely:. While in Vietnam, the veterans were told not to worry, and were persuaded the chemical was harmless. After returning home, Vietnam veterans began to suspect their ill health or the instances of their wives having miscarriages or children born with birth defects might be related to Agent Orange and the other Casino Geld YouTube herbicides to which they were exposed in Vietnam.

Veterans began to file claims in to the Department of Veterans Affairs for disability payments for health care for conditions they believed were associated with exposure to Agent Orange, or more specifically, dioxin, but Casino Geld YouTube claims were denied unless they could prove the condition began when they were in the service or within one year of their discharge. By Aprilthe Department of Veterans Affairs had only compensated victims, although it had received disability claims from 39, soldiers who had been exposed to Agent Orange while serving in Vietnam.

Early on, there was some suspicion that there were a number Casino Geld YouTube problems with it and that it may have caused the Gulf War syndrome. Casino Geld YouTube was done then and little is being done now. The New York Times published the story about a female therapist a Captain who was discharged because she had borderline personality disorder. Visit web page all of this, many veterans would like to get treated by the VA.

But a number of them are ineligible because they did not get an honorable discharge. Thousands and thousands of warriors from Vietnam to the present have been given an other than honorable discharge for reasons such as PTSD or substance abuse. They end up in our emergency rooms, institutions, jails or in the streets.

It is a fate that is both unfair and economically disastrous for everyone involved. The Daily Show had a great segment on this issue last winter: Many of those aforementioned substance abuse problems began in the military when doctors prescribed the servicemen painkillers. One of my current students at Rutgers was a Marine in Afghanistan.

While over there, he was wounded. He experienced PTSD and had trouble sleeping. There were many Marines Casino Geld YouTube his Casino Geld YouTube with similar issues. The unit doctor prescribed them all with Xanax and Oxycotin. They were able to sleep better and return to the field, for a time. Eventually, they became addicted and were discharged under other than honorable conditions.

My student returned to NJ and quickly moved on from pills to heroin. He ended up on the streets of Paterson. His story is the rare case in that it has a happy ending — he got sober, learned a trade, went to community college and then transferred Casino Geld YouTube Rutgers.

He is a good, honorable man and an Casino Geld YouTube student. And he is ineligible for VA services. Two weeks ago, the New York Times ran a front page story about veterans and painkillers. There is only the briefest mention about mental health treatment and nothing about addiction treatment:.

The wounded should be cared for and treated with the best Casino Geld YouTube and rehabilitative services we have. This includes physical, mental and psychological wounds. These please click for source all casualties of war. Republicans and Democrats like to wear flag pins and talk about the sacrifice of veterans yet they continually fail them when it comes time to provide and fund treatment.

Call your local and state officials. Let them know you are outraged. Tell Casino Geld YouTube you want funding real funding for the Casino Geld YouTube health and addiction treatment of all veterans, including those with other than honorable discharges. The great exception to all of this has been the G. Billwhich has paid for millions of veterans to go to college since the end of World War II.

Bill is both a reward and an investment in our veterans. We need to build on it. Steve Fulop, the current mayor of Jersey City and another Gubernatorial hopeful, penned his own op-ed for Memorial Day as well you can see Sweeney and Fulop lining each other up in their sights. You should click on that link before continuing with this post. I have a friend who was clean and sober for Casino Geld YouTube years.

He had a problem with alcohol and heroin. He had a back injury and was prescribed prescription painkillers. He Casino Geld YouTube that he really liked them and quickly began to take more than was prescribed. Pills that were supposed to last 30 days would last 10…so he began to see other doctors and have them prescribe him Casino Geld YouTube painkillers this is called doctor shopping.

This was before NJ had a PMP, so none of the doctors that he saw could check to see if he had gotten other drugs from other doctors. They could only see what he got at their own facility. The same was true for pharmacists — they could not see what he was getting from other pharmacies. As a result, he got terrible medical care and was able to game the system and abuse his mind and body.

His life spun out of control, and his job, marriage and life were in danger. In March ofmy friend went to two different doctors and got two separate prescriptions for painkillers. He filled one at a pharmacy Casino Geld YouTube Somerville. He tried to fill the other prescription at a pharmacy in Edison, but the pharmacist checked the PMP and saw that he had just gotten the other prescription filled. My friend left it was a good job by a diligent pharmacist…except that pharmacist should have Casino Geld YouTube the authorities so that my friend could Casino Geld YouTube been dealt with.

My friend continued to abuse prescription drugs throughout the summer and fall of He bounced in and out Casino Geld YouTube treatment centers. This kind of news is valuable in Casino Geld YouTube drug using community and travels fast. Despite the fact that more people in NJ die every year from opiate overdoses, mandated PMP bills continue to meet resistance from some doctors and legislators. A few of the doctors that have spoken out against it including Burlington Democratic Assemblyman Herb Conway say that it will unduly burden their profession.

More accomplished doctors like Dr. Louis Baxter think it is necessary and non burdensome. There may be no one that knows more about drug policy in America Casino Geld YouTube Dr. Mandating it will cost very little and the benefits will be large it will save money and lives.

He is very lucky. He could have overdosed, gotten arrested, been fired from his job or lost his marriage. If he had died, his friends and family would have been left to wonder what might have been. This is a no-brainer. The gist of it is that there are medications, naltrexone and acamprosatethat can help reduce cravings for alcohol and increase abstinence rates.

Very few doctors are aware of these types of medications and even fewer are trained on them. If you or someone you love has an alcohol problem, they should see a professional, licensed substance abuse counselor in NJ, the license is a LCADC: Additionally, they should get a physical exam and see an ASAM doctor.

They understand addiction and will prescribe the best this web page, if applicable and more importantly, are less likely to Casino Geld YouTube and falsely medicate some other perceived psychological issue. Medications should not be taken in a vacuum. There are a number of people in AA who disapprove of medication assistance for alcoholics or addicts.

Those people are wrong and are acting, at best, irresponsibly and at worst, criminally, by telling someone not to take medication if they want to be sober. The only opinion AA has on this is that outside professional help is often needed and that members should not act as doctors. This is an excellent Casino Geld YouTube that you may have missed from the end of It details Casino Geld YouTube each state is doing, makes a number of findings and issues several recommendations.

The concept of providing college courses in prison or helping ex-offenders enroll, attend and graduate from college is a political loser. Some people applauded the move. Polling showed that the proposal was supported by voters statewide by a margin.

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