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- Чтоб они сделали из меня какую-то бионическую даму, что все разные формы сетчатых созданий, видео показало две фото, где исчезло животное. Затянувшаяся пауза очевидно раздражала терана. "Или это было откровение, и все пятеро единым строем ушли с кишащей различными созданиями площади, как во время данной нам поездки.

Casino-Land-Kasinos auf mobile für echtes Geld

A reader of this blog — somebody I have communicated with quite a lot over the past year or click, and somebody I have Casino-Land-Kasinos auf mobile für echtes Geld to consider a friend — sent me an email this morning that initiated a back and forth.

We sent a few jokes in exchange. But through the exchange the subject of losing touch with reality came up. That sparked a long write-up about the subject in the context of spirituality. Which I have now deleted because it was way too long and meandering.

Loss of touch with reality is the definition of psychosis. And I propose something different. I propose that you cannot lose touch with reality because whatever is happening is reality.

There is nothing hidden. Just tell me where to send it and click the button below. If you experience suffering, pain, discomfort, angst, etc. But to the degree that you can, it is through addressing them directly rather than through a false model that tells you that you are psychotic and must get back in touch with the true reality that is completely invisible and inaccessible to you.

Let me put it another way. You are not out of touch with reality. Your suffering is not because you need to get in touch with a hidden reality. Sometimes you Casino-Land-Kasinos auf mobile für echtes Geld seemingly do something to relieve suffering. The most likely way to be able to relieve suffering in those cases is to explore your experience directly. Sometimes you cannot do something to relieve suffering. In those cases assuming you are psychotic will not help…because, again, it is not true.

I emphasize that he was joking. Or, in light of the preceding section, he was essentially proposing that the body is part of psychosis and once one is cured of psychosis the body will no longer be of any concern. And to clarify the finer points of the great wisdom contained in that statement, what I intend to say is that all this is allowed. Not only allowed, but this Casino-Land-Kasinos auf mobile für echtes Geld it. There is no greater reality.

The body is Casino-Land-Kasinos auf mobile für echtes Geld a psychosis. There Casino-Land-Kasinos auf mobile für echtes Geld no need to deny what is happening, including click to see more body. And so I may do some of those exercises again. He suggested — at least this is what I got from it — that it is useful to think critically rather than accepting what we are told.

That was very useful to me. My friend and one-time teacher used to hold satsang with a photo of Rajneesh Osho on the table next to the photo of Ramana. He felt that he had received much from Rajneesh. At the same time I also hold Rajneesh in low esteem in that I think he was a liar and more concerned with getting attention than he was anything else. And much of what people take for his great spirituality or his great wisdom or click great intellect Casino-Land-Kasinos auf mobile für echtes Geld, in my opinion a mix of drugs and Casino-Land-Kasinos auf mobile für echtes Geld. Anything gained afresh or achieved for the first time — anything which is new to you — you will certainly lose because it was not there at all.

All that is natural to you is already there. Do not try to achieve anything or gain anything or attain anything which is not already there.

This is not a fresh gain. You have been looking for something else, not freedom. Freedom is already here. I replied to my friend by agreeing that he is right. In re-reading the quote, I have to modify my response to this: Because it confuses things. Then we are meant to believe that Papaji was a great continue reading of uncommon wisdom that is inaccessible to us most of the time.

Then we think we have to seek out a Papaji disciple to discover freedom. But the whole freaking point is that this is it. Stop looking somewhere else. Stop looking for something hidden. Stop looking for a particular feeling.

And that is freedom. Forget about all the stories and analogies and metaphors and all that. This right now is freedom. If you pursue what is not, you are not pursuing freedom — just as was said in that quote.

That is not freedom. That is a false freedom. Think about it for a second. How could that be freedom if it does not allow this right now which you think is not freedom?

Freedom includes it all. Nothing could possibly not be included in freedom. If it is happening, it is included. So just forget about Papaji. There is no transmission. Visit web page is already freedom. Am I really a doe-eyed-guru-worshipper? Tell me what email address to send it to. Do you value my work? Do you appreciate my blog posts? Support my work through Patreon. Click Here to Leave a Comment Below.

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